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47° Clear & Cloudy Variable
Ther. WED. APRIL 8th, 1885 Wea.

Little Edwd remained in
bed today being sick with
"Roseola" & enlarged submaxillary
glands. Elizabeth
Franklin brought her step daughter
& daughter for advice & med:
Charley fell from his bicycle
in coming home to dinner
& injured his right ancle
seriously: he suffers great
pain from the slightest movement.
"Billy Johnson" here
for advice & treatment for
"nose bleed." I walked up
to the store & drove down
to Ashton. Tom Budd put
in new spring plate under
Cs buggy for me

28. Clear N.W.
Ther. THURS. APRIL 9th, 1885 Wea.

Ground frozen again this
morning. Nelson Kelly here &
had tooth extracted. Sent
Jno: to bring "Fox" home from
P.T Stabler's. I walked down
to Ashton & back before dinner.
Afternoon Jno: Johnson Jr: called &
paid his bill. Charleys ancle
does not pain him as much as
I feared it would so long as
he keeps it perfectly quiet in
a horizontal position. Edward
seems better the irruption having
subsided & his throat not so
sore as yesterday.

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