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45. Cloudy. E.
Ther. THURS. APRIL 2d, 1885 Wea.

Charley went to the store
again his eyes seeming
better again. A niece
of John's wife here & had
a tooth extracted, early
in the morning. Afternoon
Dr. Dwyer (dentist) called
and took an impression
of my mouth for another
upper set of teeth.
Sarah Stabler called to
see Harriet & Dora. Hannah
Chandlee also called in
the morning to see me about
Geo. Nye's "sore throat".

49° Cloudy S. E.
Ther. FRI. APRIL 3d, 1885 Wea.

I drove over to see Josias
Bowen. Singleton Mitchell coming
after me. Fanny Dickinson
came in the stage. I sent her
to "Fulford" Willie taking her
in the phaeton with "Fox."
Afternoon Willie took "Nelly"
& the children over to "Riverside"
with roan mare in C's buggy.
I sent John with her trunk &c.
with "Fox" to the sping wagon.
Fixed the back around ice house
Bought a barn shovel to use in
handling "saw dust" &c.

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