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28o Snow. N.W.
Ther. Sun. March 29th, 1885. Wea.

Hail Rain & Snow until
near daylight when it
cleared off and the wind
blew strong from the N.W.
making it very cold, and
the change very sudden
and hard to bear. After
breakfast Charley rode
" Kitty" to Ashton & Riverside
to see about a "bicycle" he
has on trial through E R
Stabler & Co. Towards sundown
I rode "Fritz" down
to Ashton to see Lilly Stabler
who is much improved since
yesterday. Charley brought the
"machine" home having decided
not to keep it, as it
is too light for our roads.

32° Clearing N W
Ther. MON. MARCH 30th, 1885 Wea.

I was quite unwell last night
was taken with vomiting and
feel miserable this morning
having a sore throat & sore
jaws" it is possible I may be
taking the "mumps" as I have
no recollection of having had
the disaese. Lizzie Scott called
for advice & medicine. Albert
Chandlee also called and
paid his father's bill. P. T.
Stabler's team hauled us a
load 1 1/4 cords of rough oak
wood. After tea Charley was
to go to Ellicott's "Brooke Meadows"
to a "Sociable" but not feeling well
& Dora not being able to go with
him, he very sensibly gave
it up. the roads off the turn
pike are wretched.

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