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32o Clear & Cloudy. S.E.
Ther. Fri. March 27, 1885 Wea.

I drove to Ashton and
prescribed again for "Lilly"
Stabler & afternoon walked
up to the village & prescribed
again for "Krozen"
Michael Thompson brought
us a load of coal from
Laurel. I extracted a
tooth for "John". Willie
still improving. Fanny
came down stairs for the
first time since she was
taken sick.

45 Cloudy N.E.
Ther. SAT. MARCH 28, 1885 Wea.

Clear & pleasant until
afternoon when it clouded
up & rained continuously until
bed time. I drove down
to see "Lilly" Stabler again
before dinner. Albert
Chandlee called for his
father's bill. I walked
up to the village to see Henry
Krozen again. Willie
mended up the old "Martin"
guitar. I put a spring in
the back passage door latch.

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