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30o Clear N.W.
Ther. Wed. March 25th, 1885 Wea.

Our sick ones seem a little
better this morning . Bro Richd
called on way to meeting. Lizzie
& Ernest also called on way
to "Sharon". "Harp Man" here
and I had him into the parlour
that the music could be heard
all through the house by
leaving the doors partly open.
Afternoon Sister Bealah
called Hannah Chandlee
called at the gate & informed
us of the death by "croup" of
E Leadbeather's youngest child
"Arthur". I drove down after
C at supper time & went up
to village & prescribed for
Henry Krozen.

22° Clear N.W.
Ther. THURS. MARCH 26, 1885 Wea.

I drove up to see Henry
Kreezen & down to Ashton
to see "Lilly" Stabler. Tom
Budd Jr here for medicine.
Simmons here for advice
& medicine for infant son
Our own sick seem to be
improving slowly.

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