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18o Cloudy N.W.
Ther. TUES. MARCH 17, 1885 Wea.

Ground frozen hard again
this morning. Edward was
quite sick through the night
& remained in bed today. I
was awake all night with
him. Alfred Warfield here
for advice & for wife. E R
Dorsey also here with a
terrible sore throat. Willie
not able to go to school today
I fear is taking "mumps"
and possible Edward also.
who has high fever & "sore throat."

16o Clear N.W.
Ther. WED. MARCH 18th, 1885 Wea.

Ed. Hill (lives at Fletcher Clarks)
here for advice & med (measles)
also his sister from Charles
Stablers same disease.
Jno. C Bentley's infant died
early this a.m. Willie did
not go to school. I went down
to Ashton afternoon & had "Jumbos"
shoes removed "all around" and
got some medicines.

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