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31 Cloudy SE
Ther. SUN. MARCH 15, 1885 Wea.

Charley went away with
Frank Snowden on horseback.
home to dinner.
Ernest also came to dinner.
Malcome Banks here
for advice & med for his
infant. After dinner Mary
Hammond here for advice &
medicine. Frank Snowden
came & spent afternoon
but left before supper.

31 Clear & Cloudy SE
Ther. MON. MARCH 16, 1885 Wea.

About home all day
Mrs O Hardy here for advice
& med: Remus Hill called
& paid his daughter Mary's
bill. Sophie & Fanny Peirce
brought Alice over and
left her here to go to the
"Sociable" at "Harewood"
this evening- After tea
Charley, Dora Alice & Willie
went (walked) over to "Harewood"
home about 11 pm.

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