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31o Cloudy & Rain NE
Ther. FRI. MARCH 13, 1885 Wea.

Disagreable day.
Lizzie Iddings came and
spent the day with us.
Afternoon I went to the
village & prescribed for
Belles' infant.
It commenced snowing
towards night. Willie
did not go to school, not
being at all well.
I "fixed up" the clock that
Harry Lea left here in
our room.

25o Clear NW
Ther. SAT. MARCH 14,1885 Wea.

Beautiful day "overhead" but
disagreable & muddy "under foot."
Lizzie Franklin here for advice &
medicine for herself & sister in law
also a woman to see me for
Mary Matthews I sent Willie
& John with a load of manure
in the "spring wagon" over to the
Cemetery to spread on our lot.
they also sowed a gallon of timothy
& clover seed on it before
the manure was put on. Dora and
Nelly walked over to "Hasewood"
& back before supper. I rode
"Fritz" back to the store after
supper. Ernests' horse broke
the front wheel off his buggy
& he drove away in the scolky
about 10.30 p.m.

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