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31o Cloudy & Clearing
Ther. Tues. March 3d, 1885 Wea.

Alice & Fanny Peirce remained
until after dinner. Willie
rode to school but came home
at noon, there being no school
in the afternoon & "holiday" all
the rest of the week; many
of the pupils & teachers going
to the "inauguration" of Cleveland
the first Democratic president
for 24 years. Washwoman
here. Afternoon I went to Frank
Leizear's & prescribed for Mrs
L again. I am much "put out"
at the cutting down of trees in
the lot between us & the mill,
spoiling the "park" for a little
fire wood. Frank Snowden &
Ernest came in the evening, the
former to play whist.

29 Cloudy & Clearing (variable)
Ther. Wed. March 4th, 1885 Wea.

Charley & Willie, Ernest and
Augustus Bulwar left here
at 6. o'clk this a m for Washington
to witness the inauguration
of Grover Cleveland
as President of the U.S. Mrs
Bell here for advice & med:
and Mrs. Elijah Leizear
for treatment &c. I drove
to Wm S Bond's & prescribed
for his son Chas: who has
"mumps". Afternoon I went
to Ashton in the "Spider" for
flour etc. Harriet was obliged
to go to bed with headache
before suppertime. We could
see the "fireworks" in Washington
quite plainly from the trapdoor
in the roof of our house, and
enjoyed it very much.

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