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28o Cloudy E
Ther. Wed. Feb. 25, 1885 Wea

Snow 6 inches deep this morning
Charly Cole brought
his wife for advice & med;
for "sore throat" before I was
up. I took C. down to
the Store after dinner, and
went after him again at
supper-time in the sleigh
with "Fritz". The sleighing
is excellent but I fear
will not last long.
Little Edward remained
in bed all day having
been very "croupy" all
through last night.

30° Cloudy
Ther. Thurs. Feb. 26th, 1885 Wea.

Willie did go to school
Afternoon Alice & Fannie
Peirce called & took Dora
over to "Norwood" to a meeting
of some kind. Mrs Elizabeth
Leizens here for advice and
treatment. John Hall here
for advice & med: for little
girl. Miss Lizzie Scott
calle. Edwd in bed until
about 3 p.m. Ernest came
in sleigh and remained
to tea & spent the evening

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