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19o Cloudy & Clearing variable
Ther. Sun. Feb. 15th, 1885 Wea.

Snow about 6 inches deep,
but the weather is moderating
& the snow soft. Many sleighs
came to meeting. Charley took
"Fritz" to the sleigh & drove down
to Ashton & then took Edward
& Fanny a little sleigh ride
up the road & back. Afternoon
he drove the roan mare to T J Lea's
& home to supper. Bro C & Joe Paxson
Iddings came & spent an hour
or two. Ernest came & Willie went
with him to "Elton" in his buggy
expecting to return before night, but
did not. Richd Proctor's infant
son "Dennis", died this morning
Ernest brought Willie home
about 8 .o'clock, to supper
and put his horse away to
stay all night.

32. Hail Rain & Snow. N.E. & N.W.
Ther. Mon. Feb.16, 1885 Wea.

Very stormy morning but
the wind came around to NW
about 10 am & the sun came
out. After dinner Willie &
Charley went to Ashton in the
sleigh to get a new "basket
body" put on it. Sleighing
very sloppy & bad, but if it
continues cold, will be better
after dark. Sent roan mare to
Budd's shop & had her "roughed
all around". The big horse "Jumbo"
slipped in coming out of the
stable to go for Charley, & falling,
injured one of his hind legs; how
seriously I can hardly decide
at once. Sent "money order" $2.50 to
C. Lentz Philada for "patent twist
fever thermometer. After supper
Charley went in the sleigh to a
ball or "fandango" at the Academy
at Brookville taking Fanny Stabler
with him from Harewood.
He came home at 1.15 a.m.

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