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31o Cloudy & Rain. N.E.
Ther. Mon. Feb. 9th, 1885 Wea.

After sending Charley
down to Ashton I took the
"Fox" horse to the phaeton
& John and drove over
to see Miss Lizzie Scott,
& from there over to Josiah
Bowen's & home to
dinner. Singleton Mitchell
here. Philip T Stabler called
for a duplicate bill &
receipt for professional
services render to his
father, they having lost or mislaid
the original. Sent John
over to Riverside for Nelly's
trunk, in the spring wagon
driving the "Fox" horse, also
sent him down after Charley
just after dark.

25o Clear & Snow NW
Tues. Feb. 10th, 1885

Miss Alice Tyson sent Jno.
Tasko" with a note for me to
prescribe for her. Willie was
not well enough to go to
school the weather being extremely
disagreeable early in the
morning. Ernest came & spent
most of the day: he & Willie
"sand papered" & polished the old
card table of Dora's. I sent John
over to Josiah Bowen's with medicine
("Ext Pink Root & Sennae oil:)
I was at home all day. Walter
Scott called & reported his
sister "Lizzie" much better.

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