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31. Clearing. E.
Ther. Thurs. Feb. 5, 1885 Wea.

After breakfast I drove
over to J James Shoemaker's
place & prescribed for Jas.
Johnson's son. Albert Chandlee
called for medicine
for his father. Afternoon
Remus Hill here & had tooth
extracted. Albert Chandlee
sent for me to come over &
see his father again. I rode
"Fritz" over & back about
dark. The roads are getting
bad again "sloppy & muddy."

30 Snow. N.E.
Ther. Fri. Feb. 6, 1885 Wea.

Miss Lizzie Scott sent for
advice & medicine, writing a
note & complaining of "acute
rheumatism". Afternoon
I drove the black horse to the
phaeton over to Mahlon Chandlee's
and to Geo. Sprigg's, &
engaged Robt Awkard to
come & repair the thatch of
the ice house. he to come on
Monday next. Frank Snowden
spent the evening here
playing whist.

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