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30. Cloudy. Variable
Ther. Fri. Jan. 30th, 1885 Wea.

Mary L Roberts called &
left an analysis of the
water from "next door". Willie
& John finished hauling
the cord of oak wood from
Arthur Stabler's place, with
the "big horse" to the spring
wagon. Lizzie Waters here
& had tooth extracted.
Singleton Mitchell here for
advice & med. for Josias
Bowen. Alfred Warfield
here to see his account.
Willie went to Brighton &
brought Dora home. Charley
going to "Riverside". Alice Peirce
came to make a visit. Willie
drove roan mare, & took Charley
from Riverside to the "Grange"
at Brighton.

35 Cloudy E
Ther. Sat. Jan. 31st , 1885 Wea.

Charley & I drove the "Fox"
horse to the phaeton over to
Josias Bowen's, stopping at
Tom & John Budds to have the
horse rough shod "all around"
I walked up to Insurance
office & paid my insurance
tax ($4.52). Alfred Warfield
here after tea, and settled
his account with me in full
to date, & I gave him a piece
of meat, and 25 cts, to get
some meal; besides Harriet
gave him some bread.
In the evening Charley, Dora
Alice Peirce & Willie, played
whist, & had some music.
Altogether we had a nice "home
Saturday evening", such as I
most enjoy.

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