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16. Snow N.W
Ther. Wed. Jan. 28th, 1885 Wea.

Commenced snowing in
the night, & this morning
the ground is covered, and
the wind blowing hard
from N.W. cleared off at
about 10. o'clk am. Alice
& Fanny Pierce left for home
taking Dora with them to
spend a day or two. The
snow & extreme cold &c
interfered with our ice
the extra hands
failing to come. I went
to Ashton in the sleigh after
dinner, taking C down with
the mail. He is suffering
with a "periastial" abcess
on his finger & did not go
back to the store after tea.

8. Clear. N.W.
Ther. Thurs. Jan. 29, 1885 Wea.

Jno Sasko, Columbus
and Alfred Warfield all
came to breakfast and
went to work cutting ice
again. Willie hauled 9
loads with Ed Gilpin's
wagon & old mare and
our "Jumbo" horse. Charley
came home after dinner
his hand paining him
so that he could not
continue at the store.
The ice house holds 17
louds of "broken up" ice
Tom Budd Jr. had tooth
extracted. Cousin Hannah
Chandlee called.

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