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20o Snow & Sleet N.E.
Ther. Sat. Jan. 24th, 1885 Wea.

Extremely disagreeable
day. I drove the "big horse
" "Fox" to Jas. Hallowell's &
prescribed for Kate Stabler
again came home and
taking the roan mare,
rode over to "Homewood
" & back before eating my
dinner. Afternoon I sent
Willie & John with the
"Fox" horse & spring wagon
for some wood on Arthur
Stabler's place. Jno Lucas
brought us a load of green
oak wood first before dark.

33. Cloudy & Foggy. SE
Ther. Sun. Jan. 25, 1885 Wea.

Bro Richd called, on
his way to "meeting." I rode
the roan mare to "Homewood"
& called to see Josias Bowen
on way home. After dinner
Charley rode the mare to
Riverside & Willie took his
sister to church at "Brighton"
driving the "big horse" to the

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