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7. Clear NW
Ther. Thurs. Jan. 22, 1885 Wea.

Very cold & the wind
blowing. I rode the roan
mare down to Jno Henry
Wilson's, and to "Homewood"
Cousin Elma Paxson is
slightly better in sense of
her symptoms, but still a
very sick woman
Willie walked to school
& I sent for him. John
driving "Jumbo" to the phaeton
After supper Charley took
Dora to Scott's to a reception.
Walter having married
a Miss Christ of Balto. and
brought her home to day.

7o Cloudy N. W.
Ther. Fri. Jan. 23, 1885 Wea.

Still cold & the roads
wretchedly rough off the
turnpikes. I rode the roan
mare over to Homewood &
met Dr Hardy again, cousin
Elma Paxson is much better
today Afternoon I rode over
& prescribed for Josias Bowen.
Charley & Dora got home
from Scott's reception about
11.o'clk last night. Willie
walked to school again
to day, & back again.
Commenced snowing about
dark, & continued until
bed time.

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