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15. Clear & Cloudy. NW
Ther. Sun. Jan. 18, 1885 Wea.

Cold this morning
again & the ground hard
frozen. I rode "Charley"
horse over to "Homewood
again to prescribe for
cousin Elma Paxson
who is very sick with
"pneumonia". Charley
walked over to Riverside
after breakfast & Willie
after dinner. Bukoffsky's
little son died
last night. Van Horn's
people were here after
me, but I was afraid
to go so far in the cold
Little Edward still in
bed, but seems better.

16. Clear & Cloudy
Ther. Mon. 19, 1885 Wea.

Still cold. I drove over
to Homewood to see cousin
Elma Paxson called at
Ashton. got stove pipe
fixed for our stove.
Charley exchanged his
"Charley" horse (for a large black
horse) with Jno Abel
I sent John to Lucas' to see
about wood. Dora went
to "Harewood" to spend the night
with Fanny Stabler. Ernest
went with her & Charley
went also, after supper.
expecting to have a game
of whist. Ernest & Charley
came in about 10-30 pm.

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