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30 Clear NW
Thurs. Jan. 8, 1885

Jus Henry Wilson came
for me, & I drove down to
his house & prescribed for
his wife - Willie went with
me to open gates &c. The
Roads, off the turn pike
are bad. Jus Lucas hauled
us a load of oak wood -
Afternoon Willie Rode the
Roan Mare over to Riverside
Old Mr Elias Leizear was
buried this afternoon in
Friends burying ground.
Quite a large funeral.
Frank Snowden spent
the evening here playing

30 Clear SW
Fri. Jan. 9, 1885

Willie Rode over to the
Academy at Brookeville
but school does not regularly
commence again
until Monday next, and
he came home again.
I drove "Fritz" to the buggy
over to Homewood to see
cousin Mary Chandlee
again. Willie went with me

Johnson's team brought
us a load. 2600 lbs of hay
(meadow hay). Edwd commenced
going to school again
on wednesday last (since the
holidays) The roads off the
turnpikes are wretched, the
frost being out of the ground
in most places -

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