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1792 Jany 11|Baxter Reuben Dr. PP Self paid| |6|6

"" |Baxter Caty Dr. PP Self||3|6

1799 Novr 6 |Brown John Dr. PP Self||1|

1798 August 27|Brinkley Eley Dr. PP Self paid||8|

Decr 3rd|Brown George Dr. PP Self||1|6

1799 March 3 |Barton Thomas Dr. PP Self paid||16|3

"" |Bonner William Dr. PP Self| 2|19|6

"" |Bonner Ezekiel Dr. PP Self||1|6


Lewis (Wms) Dr.

|1 Hat in part||12|6

July 8 |1 Lock||1|

Augt 8 |1 qt Rum for Holloway's Harry||5|

Octo 18|1 quart Brandy||5|

Nov 1 quart Rum||5|


|Cr By 2 Bed Cords|L|10|

|By 3 Days Work||12|



1807 Apl 4 |To 1 Barcelona Hkf||12|6

|1 Thimble 1/||1|


|By 1 Bed Cord||5|


|1 Qt Brandy||4|


|3 lb Sugar|||

|1 Hat[10/?]|||

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again, can save sometimes, sometimes not

Ben Brumfield

There is a bug in the system which was pointed out to me Thursday in which parsing problems are not displayed to transcribers. Looking at the log files, in this case, it looks like the transcript included a pipe character before the measurement of rum -- "Augt 8 {[[|rum|1 qt Rum]] for Holloway's Harry} /5/" in your original transcript. I'm going to try to get the bug fixed soon.