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Order No12 Office of the Qrt Master, Genl.
at Quintana July 26 1836

Wm Lawrence
Qrt Mst

Sir, You are hereby ordered to proceed forthwith,
and as far as lies in your power to carry the foregoing order from the Comd'g
Genl of the Army [thro?] Col Millard into effect, you will use all diligence
in the discharge of this order, as it is all important for the welfare [of?]
our Country, that all calls from the Commanding Genl. should be promptly
attended to.

Your Ob Serv te
A Huston
Qrt Mast Genl
Texas Army

[Written down left side border is the following]

Copy Army Order
July 20, 1836

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San Jac Descendant

During the summer of 1836, when this letter was written, Henry Millard became involved in an army plot to arrest Acting President David G. Burnet. The plot failed, and Burnet eventually had Millard "suspended" from the army.