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Whereas several Officers were appointed
in the Army and Navy of Texas by the late
provisional Government and also by the Govern=
ment who have not entered upon the discharge
of their duties: And as some Commissions
have been issued to persons to whom no corres=
ponding comments could be given: And as the
spirit of our free institutions and the financial
interests of the Country equally forbid the exis=
tence of any Sinecure Office:

Now Therefore I David G
, President of the Republic of Texas, by and
with the advice and consent of the Cabinet, do
order and decree and it is hereby Ordered &
decreed, that all such Commissions heretofor
issued and all appointments heretofore made
of persons not now in actual service or Com=
mand (except such as have leave of absence)
are from and after the publication of this
proclamation, revoked, annulled and of no

And it is further Ordered & decreed,
that all officers now in Service or Command in
the Army or Navy of Texas, do forthwith
transmit to the proper department, copies of
their Commissions accompanied with a state
ment of the service in which they are engaged
in order that a full and complete list may be
filed in the respective offices

Done at Velasco this 14th day of
July A.D. 1836

A Somervell David G Burnet
Sec. of War [His Scroll]
[His Scroll]

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