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Articles of an Agreement entered into between his Excellency David G
, President of the Republic of Texas of the one part and His Excel
ency General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, President General in [Chief?]
of the Mexican Army of the other part

Article 1st
General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna agrees that he will not take up [arms?]
nor will he use his influence to cause them to be taken up against the {People?]
of Texas during the present war of Independence.

All hostilities between the Mexican and Texian troops shall cease
immediately both on land and water.

The Mexican troops will evacuate the territory of Texas passing to the {other?]
side of the Rio del Norte.

The Mexican Army in its retreat shall not take the property of any [person?]
without his consent and just indemnification using only such [articles?]
as may be necessary for its subsistence in cases where the [owner?] [may not?]
be present and remitting to the Commander of the Army of Texas {or to the?}
Commissioners to be appointed for the adjustment of such matters [and acc?]
ount of the property consumed, the place where taken, and the name of [the?]
owner if it can be ascertained.

That all private property including cattle, and horses, negro slaves or [inden?]
tured persons of whatever denomination, that may have been captured
by any person of the Mexican Army or may have taken refuge in the [said?]
army since the commencement of the late invasion, shall be restored [to the?]
Commander of the Texian Army or such other person as may [be?] [appoi?]
nted by the Government of Texas to receive them.

The Troops of both armies will refrain from coming in [contact with?]
each other, and to this end the Commander of the Army of [Texas?]
will be careful not to come with in a shorter distance
of the Mexican Army than Five leagues.

The Mexican Army shall not make any other delay on its March [than?]
than that which is necessary to take up thier hospitals [baggage?]

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San Jac Descendant

When I first looked at this Document referred to as UNKNOWN, I realized that it is one of the copies of the Public Treaty of Velasco. I have studied other known copies of this document in the past, because even though it was finalized at Velasco, where it got it's name, it was first drafted in the Cabin of Dr. George Moffett Patrick, a distant cousin. The Cabin was located about 4 miles up Buffalo Bayou from the San Jacinto Battle Field, on land that is now in Deer Park, Texas. Even though there are other versions of this document that have already been transcribed, I feel that this is a great find, because I have already found a few discrepancies on the first page from the previously transcribed copies.