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regard to the time they should deem the departure
of your Excellency to be proper. I am not sensible of
any "act of violence and abuse" to which you were exposed
that was not necessarily concomitant on your return to shore.

_______Your Excellency has acquired too great a celebrity
in Texas not to be an object of curiosity with the multitude
but I believe you will bear testimony to the magnanimity
which restrained a tumultuous and highly exasperated
crowd, from offering any indignity to your person.
If such outrage had been committed, it would have
been promptly chastised.__________________________________
____________________"The President & Cabinet" entertained
no intention of "making a show" of your Excellency whose
condition as a prisoner, has invariably commanded their
highest veneration and towards whom they have exhibit=
itid every attention that was compattible with their
official duties and within their power to bestow.

Your Excellency's final denunciation
is probably the result of [excited?] feeling. While you are
determined as a prisoner, it is inevitable that the ordi=
nary precautions be observed. I am not apprised
that more than this has been done. Your Excellency is
not ignorant that the members of this Government
are remote from their own homes and are very indiffer=
ently accommodated. That the seat of Government is
not permanently located and therefore no public
buildings have been erected. To these facts you
will find no difficulty in attributing your being
placed in "a narrow prison" and your Excellency knows
that the room you occupy is more commodious than
that which constitutes both my office and my only
family habitation.

It is vividly fresh in my recollection that

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