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say "the President himself and Cabinet of Texas, being con=
vinced that I had punctually fulfilled all my engagements

This Government were convinced that your Excellency
had complied with some of your stipulations, and this convic=
tion aggravates the Mortification which the late events have
inflicted upon them. But they were not informed that "all
the property had been given up" or that any of the Prisoners
had been restored, as your Excellency erroniously emagines.
On the contrary, we were advised that large herds of cattle
had been driven in advance of the retreating Army and that a
few only of the slaves that had been abducted, were returned.
It is due to your Excellency to say that the Government
confidently believed these restorations would be effected
as early as a proper convenience would admit._______
But I am induced to advert to another fact in relation
to which it would be difficult to extend the same chari
table exculpation to the officers of the Mexican Army.

It has been reported that the walls of the
Alamo at Bexar, have been prostrated and that the valuable
brass artilery attached to that fortress, have been melted down
and destroyed. There were many painful and pleasing and
glorious reminicences connected with that Alamo, which render
its wanton dilapidation, peculiarly odious to every Texian
spirit; and your Excellency needs not to be informed that
the destruction of it, was an infraction of the Armistice &
a violation of the Treaty.

In reply to your Excellencys fifth Protes=
tation I remark that the painful circumstances which
induced the Government to direct your debarkation on the
4th instant have already been adverted to, in a spirit of
frankness and of self humiliation which a consciousness
of error alone could extort. It were superfluous to repeat the
causes which induced this Government to vary its discretion in

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