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effort to walk, or fall into the hands
of the enemy, my choice was soon
made, and after walking some two
or three miles I felt as if "Rich
-ard was himself again." How ben
-eficial is exercise! We commenced
the march at 11 PM, and had the
Yanks known of our [renegade?]
movement. They could have bothered
us much, strict silence was the or
-der, and for ten miles, not a voice
was heard above a whisper, for every
moment we expected to be fired upon
from Yankee ambush. To show the
true state of affairs. I copy from
Chaplain Davis his story of the 4th Txs.
"What a hearty laugh a man could
have had, had he been in a po
-sition to observe, both armies

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San Jac Descendant

Joe Joskins like most people in antebellum America used the term "Richard was himself again." The saying was said to have been attributed to the fact that Abraham Lincoln’s courtship of Mary Todd was anything but smooth. At one point it helped bring on a bout of severe depression that left the future president nearly dysfunctional for a brief period and caused him to avoid Springfield’s social world for several months. In a letter to an absent friend, the future Mrs. Lincoln lamented this state of affairs and wished “that he would once more resume his Station in Society, that ‘Richard should be himself again.