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Txsau e580 4 t4 j67 1865 005

"Hoods Brigade."
"Joe Joskins"

Should the eye of a stranger
by chance peruse these lines
I sincerely desire, That a has
ty judgement will not be
formed. This is not written
to be read by any but my
self. it is not written, because
I make any pretensions to
being an author. but it is
written in a hurried and
very negligent manner,
for my own amusement,
since it is a pleasure to
carry back our thoughts into
the far distant past

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Ben Brumfield

Looking at the dot above the fourth word in "written in a humane and" makes me think that it should transcribed as "hurried". The final two uprights might be part of a 'd', the previous loop looks like Joskins's 'e', the the previous three upright strokes (which look like an 'm') may actually be 'rri'.

San Jac Descendant

I agree whole heartily Ben, it should be "hurried."