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"Crown ye the brave! Crown ye the brave!
As through your streets they ride,
And the sunbeams dance on the polished arms,
of the warriors side by side;
Shower on them your sweetest flowers,
Let the air ring with their praise"

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San Jac Descendant

I wonder if this verse could be attributed to Herman Melville?

Ben Brumfield

Google Books finds it in an 1836 issue of "The Magazine of THE BEAU MONDE; or Monthly Journal of Fashion" (London):!+Crown+ye+the+brave!+As+through+your+streets+they+ride,+And+the+sunbeams+dance+on+the+polished+arms,+of+the+warriors+side+by+side;+Shower+on+them+your+sweetest+flowers,+Let+the+air+ring+with+their+praise&source=bl&ots=RTpImcmOrZ&sig=eFRzwaNvGeIMu2dUf-Ghp3bdmu4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Sd4GUvytOYjR2QW3_oHoBw&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Crown%20ye%20the%20brave!%20Crown%20ye%20the%20brave!%20As%20through%20your%20streets%20they%20ride%2C%20And%20the%20sunbeams%20dance%20on%20the%20polished%20arms%2C%20of%20the%20warriors%20side%20by%20side%3B%20Shower%20on%20them%20your%20sweetest%20flowers%2C%20Let%20the%20air%20ring%20with%20their%20praise&f=false It's not attributed there, and appears in an earlier issue, so I don't think we have it solved.

Ben Brumfield

It also appears in "The Poetical Work of Mrs. Felicia Hemans, Vol. 2", which makes me think the Joskins's attribution is "(Hemans)"