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Bleakwood, Orange Co., Texas
April 6th 1871

Mr. Robert E. Russell

Dear Friend

I hope you do not think negligence
has caused me to delay in writing, the mail has not
been regular:as if I had have written it would have
been here yet; I was about to forget to start your letter
was received with great pleasure and found to a very interesting
letter. I have had ample time to make mine as good but will
fail to do so for I know before it is written what kind of letter it will
prove to be scarce worthy of a perusal, there is nothing new to tell
or talk about; weddings have grown common I heard of five last
week those were old acquaintences of mine if the girls marry
up so fast we will soon have no girls.

Mf. Russell you heard a shy way of asking about Miss Fannie Scott.
I take it takes some Mr. Russell, if all reports are true Miss Fannie
will have [illegible] than you imagine wishes Mrs. H. S.has told you.
I will not tell any more nor write his name plainly. Her brother
is home this morning: the sun is not very high and I will have
to write fast if I get this letter written hefore dark, I write

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