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Requisition for Ordnance and Ordnance Stores.
For Captain Col [[J. M. Withers]] Company of Volunteers,
3d Regiment, now in the service of the State of Alabama.

30000 Percussion Caps = Shipped to Norfolk May 22 1861
7000 Minnie Conical Ball Cartridge} May 10th 1861
5000 " Round " Do
7000 Cartridge Minie} April 30th
7000 Mussket Caps
1000 Cartridges} April 28th
1250 Musket Caps

I certify that the above requisition is correct, and that the articles specified are absolutely
requisite for the public service, and necessary for my command.

Col. W. R. Pickett, Quartermaster of the State of Alabama, will issue the articles spec-
ified in the above requisition.
A. B. Moore

Received at [space] the [space] of [space], 186[space], of Col.
W. R. Pickett, Quartermaster of the State of Alabama.


in full of the above requisition.

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Lucio Alvarez

This is the same word-for-word as the previous page, in the same handwriting. He wrote the whole thing out again- no copiers in those days.