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Malta, April 29. 1822.

Dear Br. Bird,
For several reasons & especially for
the sake of meeting with Br. L Sister Temple I have come to reside a short time at this
place. Your letter of Nov. 13. reached me a month ago. I will now attempt to answer some of your
enquiries. The first language to be learned is Italian. Next, if Smyrna is to be your station, Modern Greek, but if Syria, Arabic. Whatever your field may be the more you know of neb. the better. If you read some in the Targums & the Talmud it will be useful, also in the writings of the Rabbis & of the Greek & Latin Fathers. As to a library I would not advise you to purchase [underscored] many miscellane=
=ous works. Take what you have & accept such as are given you. Purchase anything you
may find that will be particulary useful
in dealing with Mussulmans [Muslims?], Jews or these Oriental Christians. As it respects medicine I know not how to answer your enquiry without
knowing what is to be your field. If you are
to go to Smyrna it will be of little or no use.
There are good European Physicians there.
But if you are to join me in Syria, as I
hope you are, a tolerable knowledge of the
Theory & Practice [underscored] of Physic would be very desirable & might be of great use. I ap=
=prehend few able [underscored] physicians are found
there. Nothing perhaps would give a man more

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