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The monster who commited [committed] the deed is a dandy in
perfection, vain of his person, and a spend thrift in
the bargin. [bargain] He is now in jail, he cannot have his trial
un-till [until] march court

16th You see from the different
dates that some days has [have] passed since I wrote the above. I
was stoped [stopped] from finishing this letter by May, sending
for me as she was sick. She is now better. She has at last,
named her daughter and it is simpely [simply]Mary Lord.

I have just received a letter from your Aunt
Joanna all is well with her, she wishes me to go
and spend some time with her this month, but
I cannot go, as my health is not good, and I find I
must take care of myself. Your grandmother has been
sick for the last five weeks. Your Uncle T. will go to
Frankfort to morrow or the next day. He has had very bad
health all winter. Susan Haggin was married last
tuesday. We ware [were] all invited to the wedding but we
could not go in consequence of so much indis[indisposition?] [paper torn away]
in the family. Well, well what do you [think?] [paper torn away]
Robert is without doubt ingaged [engaged] to be married to
E. M. The conclutsion [conclusion] took place this morning.
Your brother is the happyest [happiest] boy you ever saw.
He seams [seems] to think all is bliss for him the balance
of his life. I cannot describe my feelings for the
subject. I am pleased, but yet it is a serious reflection.
Perhaps I will loose his affection as many mothers do
if so can I be happy? No, indeed, but I will hope for
the best. I have known her long and I think she is per
fectly ameable. [amiable] I saw her yesterday, Mary Y and my
self called at P_ _ _ _ _ts [lavrn??] to see her and Mrs Ridd

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