Unidentified location aerial, 1960s




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Comments: : Angled track and the proximity of the schools were the clue. Compared the aerial to historic aerials on the City of Indianapolis GIS site. Photo is no earlier than 1966, and no later than 1972. 1972 aerial on MapIndy shows the addition on Clinton Young that is in this picture; looks like the addition may be under construction - construction trailers to the left of the school. The 1966 aerial does not show the addition on Clinton Young. The 1979 aerial on MapIndy shows an extension of Keystone Ave to Edgewood Ave that is not in place in this photo.

Additional Information: Not a park - aerial of Keystone (now Southport) Middle School in foreground with Clinton Young Elementary in the background. Perry Township, south side of Indianapolis, near present day Keystone Ave and Edgewood Ave. Keystone Ave did not extend to Edgewood until the late 1970's. Photo is looking approximately to the east southeast.

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