1871-1900 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Letter books

1871-1900 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Letter books

The Yaquina Head Lighthouse was established in 1873 and is located on the Central Oregon Coast. The stories and history of this site are kept alive by trained interpreters who provide guided historic tours in period clothing. As you help us transcribe these documents we will be able to...


Austin Fanzine Project

Austin Fanzine Project

The Austin Fanzine Project started as a relatively straightforward digitization and transcription project intended to improve access to the documents of a recently-historical subculture – the Austin, Texas underground music scene of the 1990s. The project has blossomed into a sandbox for...

C. S. Peirce Manuscripts

C. S. Peirce Manuscripts

The goal of the Scalable Peirce Interpretation Network (SPIN) is to develop a model environment for distributed collaboration that can support an international network of researchers, students, and citizen scholars in cooperative efforts to encode and interpret handwritten manuscripts, including...

Cecil County at University of Delaware

Communist Miscellany

Files, dossiers, and ephemera from the Mao-era in China. Paperwork of the Chinese communist revolution.

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Demo Collection

Used for demos of the tool. Works listed here may be removed without notice.

East Civil War Letters

The East documents were found in an abandoned building near Cherrystone Creek in the early 1970s, and include one empty envelope addressed to John C. East and one letter (with envelope) from George W. East to Thomas C. East. George W. East enlisted in the 53rd VA Infantry, Company I, when he was...

Edición y Crítica Textual

Geek Weekly Reviews

This is a collection of reviews published in Geek Weekly Fanzine.

Guisticiati: Italian Manuscript List of Persons Condemned to Death in Venice, 726-1804

This manuscript contains the names of 1068 Venetians executed between 726 to 1804. It records names, dates of execution, crimes, and method of execution. Relatively few executions are listed until the late sixteenth century, and almost half of the total listed in this document occurred in the...

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Founded in 1854 as the Indianapolis Police Department, the principal law enforcement agency of Indianapolis, Indiana, it was consolidated with the Marion County Sheriff's Office in 2007 and became the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD). This collection consists of a series of...

Indianapolis Public Library

Indianapolis Public Library

Letters and documents from the Indianapolis Public Library's rich archives.

Irish Dialect Archive Manuscript Collection

Irish Dialect Archive Manuscript Collection

The Irish Dialect Archive (Cartlann na gCanúintí) was established in 1953 by Professor Tomás de Bhaldraithe, as part of the Department of Modern Irish at UCD. The Archive is a resource centre for Irish language lexical / dialect research and consists of card indices, manuscripts, computer-based...

Jawi Transcription Project

Jawi Transcription Project

This is a pilot project to experiment with crowd-sourced transcription of Malay manuscripts written in Jawi. Ini adalah projek perintis untuk mencuba transkripsi manuskrip Melayu dalam huruf Jawi secara gotong-royong.

Julia Brumfield Diaries

Julia Ann Craddock Brumfield kept a diary from 1915 until 1936. Some time after her death, those diaries were distributed among her many grandchildren. Over the last twenty years, nearly half of those diaries have been reassembled to be shared among Julia's descendants. The project is actively...

Letter book for the Receiver of Wrecks at Kingston upon Hull, England, 1855-1861

This handwritten letter book was kept for James Sparrow, who worked for the British Board of Trade as the Receiver of Wrecks at Kingston upon Hull, 1855-1861. The volume begins with an index of correspondents and subjects. While the book primarily records copies of all outgoing mail, there are...

Letters to/from Samuel Kearsley 1825-1828

Letters to and from Samuel Kearsley while he was serving in the Army.

MS 460-507

MS 610-15

Logic, Chapter 1, Common Ground

May Wright Sewall Papers

May Wright Sewall Papers

The May Wright Sewall Papers are a collection of documents comprised of approximately 500 letters written to May Wright Sewall dated between 1879 and 1919, and three guest books with remarks and signatures from 197 guests of the Sewall house. The correspondents represented in this collection...

Mosman 1914-1918

To commemorate the centenary of World War One, Mosman Library is creating an online resource to collect and display information about the wartime experiences of local service people. Help us transcribe diaries, letters and honour rolls.

Reverend Lyman Whiting Pastoral Jubilee Correspondence

Letters and postcards sent to Reverend Lyman Whiting on the occasion of his Pastoral Jubilee in 1892. He was living and working in East Charlemont, Massachusetts at the time. The letters contain information about other places he worked around the country, as well as rich genealogical details that...

Robert E. Lee Letters

These are sample letters from the Missouri History Museum collections.

Stagville Accounts

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Stobbs Papers

Syair Jaran Temasa

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The French campaign in Egypt, 1798-1801

A collection of documents relating to the French campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt, 1798-1801.

The Papers of John B. Minor, 1845-1893

The Papers of John B. Minor, 1845-1893

John B. Minor joined the faculty of the University of Virginia in 1845 at the age of thirty-two. An 1834 graduate of the university, Minor began his teaching career following a decade in private practice. Minor, along with James P. Holcombe, directed the law program at UVA amidst national debates...

The Papers of Solicitors J. M. Shugar and A. W. Vaisey, 1850-1914

The Papers of Solicitors J. M. Shugar and A. W. Vaisey, 1850-1914

The documents in this collection contain the stories of nineteenth century English lives. Solicitors J. M. Shugar and A. W. Vaisey worked as probate and property lawyers in the town of Tring, Hertfordshire, in south central England. They handled wills, estates, and personal property issues for...

Thornton Manuscripts

Middle English texts from Robert Thornton's Lincoln and London manuscripts.

UCD Letters

UCD Letters

This collection consists of a range of 19th and early 20th century manuscript correspondence, acquired by UCD Library from diverse sources since the foundation of the Catholic University. It includes letters from significant figures, some connected directly to the University, including: Cardinal...

Will of Zephaniah Kingsley, 1843

Zenas Matthews' 1846 U.S.-Mexico War Diary and Service Papers

SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Diary written by Z. W. Matthews while a private in the War of 1846 with Mexico. Matthews served under Captain C[hristopher]. B. Acklin's Company B of Col. John C. Hays' First Texas Mounted Riflemen. The diary begins with mention of leaving to join...