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Of course, Maurer, who lived through that
experience, will have it to guide him. He will also
have had the benefit of a full discussion with his chief
of every detail of those seven months, and he should be
able to avoid many, if not all, of the errors then made.
Knight, too, who was with Stefansson on long sledge
journeys over the ice and has had on opportunity to
learn his methods at first hand, should be able to deal
with most of the problems to be met with on Wrangel

Whatever the status of Wrangel Island, a ship will
be sent there this summer, and the world will await with
interest the story of these adventures as they will tell
it if they survive, or as it will be deduced from the
records which may be found should they have met the fate
of countless prionears in all lands before them.

There is still a possibility that they might have
crossed on the ice to Siberia in the late spring of this
year. That would be comparatively easy. Once on the
Siberian coast they would be in a fairly populous country
as Arctic lands go. They would still have about 700
miles to travel before reaching the first wireless
station, and, therefore, it might be nearly mid-summer

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