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itshistory is not known, but, at any rate, the British
government at first declined to agree to Canada’s
annexation because such action might antagonize Russia.
A most cursory examination of the facts of the case
shows that Baron Wrangel was never within sight of Wrangel
and no Russian has ever set foot upon it.


In the mean time a further complication arose - a
new government came into office in Canada. It was not
inclined to accept without question legacies of a con-
tentious nature from its predecessor, and so Stefansson
found himself with an island on his hands. In addition
to the first cost of the expedition he has had to find
money for the salaries of the five people on the island.
Although they are unable to use it, the money is deposited
regularly to their credit in banks designated by them.

When the expedition went north it was understood
that it would remain on the island for a year at least.
The members were to occupy their time trapping Arctic
foxes and other fur-bearing animals in addition to
securing game for their own sustenance. In the summer
of 1922 a ship was to be sent to their relief, when such
of them as wished would come off and others would dis-
embark to take their places. This was the anticipated

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