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I have not asked him, but from his general interest in
the subject I feel sure that the First Lord of the Admiralty
will gladly give you over the telephone his opinion of any
point connected with this subject, for he knows it thoroughly
both from conversation with me and from reading my books and
articles on Arctic development.

I have thought the Daily Telegraph might care might care to undertake
the relief of the party on Wrangell Island on grounds of
humanity or of public policy, and more likely from a combination
of both. I should think that also from a business point of
view the enterprise might be worth while, for if adequately
presented to the public it would be recognised as a humane,
patriotic and generous undertaking.

V. Stefansson

You will find a brief sketch of my work in the recent
supplementary volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Since my
views of the polar regions are different from those of most
arctic voyagers, I might mention that they have won enough
ground already so that I have received the highest gold medals
of the geographical societies of England, France and the
United States, as well as the highest honorary

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