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between the North American Newspaper Alliance, and Mr. A. J. Taylor,
attorney for Mr. Harold Noice, and Vice-President of the Stefansson Arctic Exploration and Development Company.

The newspaper Alliance agrees to purchase from Mr. Taylor
exclusive world newspaper rights of the complete story and narrative
of Mr. Harold Noice, believed to be in Nome, Alaska, describing his
forthcoming expedition to Wrangel Island to rescue the Crawford party
and his observations, scientific and otherwise, on the island.

The material is to consist of at least a two thousand (2,000)
word dispatch to be telegraphed from Nome previous to the sailing of the
expedition. It will include all dispatches which it is possible to
transmit from Siberia or wherever the relief ship may be during the ex-
pedition and will include the full narrative extending to a minimum of
twenty thousand words (20,000) to be delivered on Mr. Noice’s return.

The material also includes all photographs taken of the rescue expedition
and of the rescued persons, etc.

This agreement is conditional on no newspaper interviews
being given by Mr. Noice or by any members of his expedition or by
others in possession of facts essential to the narrative from the date
of this contract until after the material specified in this contract
has been delivered to the Newspaper Alliance and published by its

This agreement is conditional on Mr. Noice reaching Wrangel
Island within a period of two years from this date.

The sum which it is agreed the North American Newspaper
Alliance shall pay for the service as described herein shall be Three
Thousand Dollars ($3000.00).

It is a further condition of this agreement that the North
American Newspaper Alliance shall have first option on the rights of
Mr. Taylor or of Mr. Noice or of Mr.Stefansson, or of the Stefansson
Arctic Exploration and Development Company
in the story of Allen Craw-
ford and all the members of his party covering the period they have
resided on Wrangel Island, the price therefor to be agreed when the
nature of the material becomes known to the contracting parties, - with
this understanding, that in the event of Allen Crawford controlling his
own story Messrs. Taylor and Noice and their associates will use their
best influence with him to deal first with the Newspaper Alliance.

"Loring Pickering" General Manager
"A. J. T. Taylor"

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