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island, if any shall elect to so remain, and to the extent that
said goods and supplies shall be needed by them, and that any
or all of said goods not so needed may be disposed of by parties
of the second part at such price as parties of the second part
may see fit, over and above the cost of said goods, and to retain
any sum or sums over and above said cost as their commission for
selling and disposing of said goods, accounting for the balance.

IT 1S FURTHER AGREED that pending the full performance
of said contract, the final payment of $2000.00 shall be deposited
with the Miners & Merchants Bank, of Nome, in the shape of certified
checks, to be paid over to the parties of the second part upon
return of said parties of the second port and
performance of said contract; provided, however, that should
the said second parties be compelled to return to Nome without
completing the contract then said parties are to sign release
of said certified checks, enabling their return to the said party
of the first part.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed
these presents, .

WITNESSES: (BY) V Stefansson
William N. Growden (HIS AGENT.) Ralph Lomeu [?]
C. G. Pinker [?] Joseph Bernard
Ira M. Ranks
by W. H. Rank Agent


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