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THIS AGREEMENT, Made and entered into this , by and between V. STEFANSSON, of the STEFANSSON
, of Vancouver, B.C.,
the party of the first part, and JOE BERNARD and [Ira M. Rank]
-----------------, owners of the gas schooner "TEDDY BEAR",
parties of the second part,


That said parties of the second part hereby agree to
proceed, without delay, to Wrangell Island, with said schooner
"Teddy Bear", carrying three passengers, and not exceeding ten
(10) tons of freight, md to leave any or all of said passengers
on said Wrangell Island, if they so desire, and to carry from
said Wrangell Island the represortatives of said party of the
first part now upon said Island, not to exceed five in number,
and the three passengers first above mentioned, in case they
desire to return, and to land such passengers, together with
their freight, at Nome, Alaska, during, the present open season,
if possible, but if not, as soon thereafter as possible, and to
supply all of said passengers with suitable grub while in transit,
going or coming. But in the event said vessel is compelled
to winter in said waters, then said first party is to pay said
second parties for the keep of said passengers, at the rate
of cost price for the provisions consumed by them.

In consideration of the agreements of said parties
of the second part to be kept and performed, the said party
of the first part hereby agrees that upon the departure of said
schooner "Teddy Bear" for Wrangell Island, to pay the sum of
ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash, the receipt whereof is hereby

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