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This agreement, Made and entered into this
, by and between V. Stefansson,
of the Stefansson Arctic exploration & Developing Company.
of Vancouver, B.C., party of the first part, and Party of the second part.

W I T N E S S E T H:

That the said party of the first -art in con-
sider tion of the covenants and agreements hereafter made
by the party of the second part, has furnished the said
party of the second part,provisions, clothing, guns,
ammunition, traps, transportation to Wrangel Inland,
and agrees to furnish transportation for his return in
the rummer or fall of 1923, if possible, or as soon there-
after as ice conditions or weather should permit.

And the said party of the second part in con-
sideration of the premises and the covenants and agree-
ments of the said first party, hereto covenants and agrees
with said first party that he, the second party hereto,
will proceed to Wrangel Island, to hunt and trap bears,
foxes, and other fur bearing animals, and on his return
to Nome, deliver to said party of the first part, or his
agent or representative, all of the furs and skins secured
by him, for division; it being understood that all the
profits of the trip shall be divided equally, or share
and share alike, or failing to return, said furs and
shins shall be sent to said party of the first part, at
Nome, for each division, and to fully and fairly account
for ill such furs and skins.


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