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V. Stefansson, Esq. -2-

Since my statement last month, there has been
issued a farther ten shares to you to cover the balance
of $750.00 deposited at Nome, as mentioned in my letter
of 20th October, plus $250.00 which yon paid MR.Taylor
personally for the incorporation of the Company. This
remittance was lost track of due to the fact that it went
through Mr.Taylor's personal books. I have, however,
made a transfer in the books of the Company, giving you
credit for this amount, which now makes a total of eighty-
two shares held by you. The total capital paid up, as
you will see from the Trial Balance, is $9900.00, which
is $1000. more than last month, the difference being the
ten shares issued to you.

Hereafter I will send yon a statement as per
enclosed, which will show more clearly the expenditures
from month to month. It would look much better, however,
if we had a Revenue Account to offset the expenditures, as
at present it is all paying out and nothing coming in.

If there is any further information you wish
with regard to the accounts I shall be pleased to let
you have it.

Yours faithfully,
(signed) John Anderson


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