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De Poncins -- "In the course of a great many months in the
North, I came upon three types of Eskimos. There were those
of the west in the direction of Alaska who had grown into the
white man's way of life, and might almost have been called
"sophisticated." There were the Netsilik of King William Land
who lived a primitive existence, but had sufficient occasional
contact with the white men to be tainted by that contact.
And there were the truly primitive Eskimos who, apart from a
rare missionary priest, hardly knew what a white man looked like."

Freuchen-- " The Eskimos, great gossips about surface
matters, are remarkably close-mouth and conservative concern-
ing anything that really matters."

Stefansson--” New-formed ice on open leads lies treacherous
under the new-fallen snow and looks similar to the surface
of firm ice. Only way of being sure is to make stabs with
an ice spear continually on forging ahead.’’

About Stef and from his book "Wrangel Island Adventure”---
On interviewing Crawford before the expedition, Stefansson told
him he would make promises of wages, and keep them if, and when
he could. Crawford had actually contributed a little money
toward the venture.

Large polar bears measure ten feet long.

Eskimo dogs do not like to go into or through water.

Eskimo footgear called "Mukluks."

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