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Freuchan says there is amzingly little difference
between the Esat (Greenland) Eskimos and those of Alaksis
Alaska and Canada-- having known only the Greenland type
at first, he was surprised to find he could converse
(in Eskimo) with those of Alaska. He states that from
Eastern Greenland to Alaska, the folklore is the same.

Also--"No wonder the needle is one of the most im-
portant Eskimo tools. It can be fatal during a trip if
a torn garment cannot be repaired to protect against the
cold, or new garments cannot be sewn. It is perfectly
truthful to say that the lack of needles has caused the
death of many travelers in the Arctic. For this reason
thedwoman’s ability to sew well is one of her chief
attractions." (From Peter Freuchen's Book of the Eskimos.)

Also-- "The Eskimos explain all phenomena by populating
nature and lifeless things with spirits whose malevolent
or benevolent intentions determine what happens . . . other-
wise they are really individualists in their beliefs; their
religion is only a set of rules to help them in their fight
for existence, and their clergy--the ANGAKOKS (priest) are
only intermediaries between them and the spirits of nature
. . .It seems strange to got such an agnostic answer from
the same people who--five minutes before, perhaps--told you
that the aurora borealis is the souls of stillborn children
who dance and play football with their umbilical cords.
Or they may tell you about Angakoks who have descended to the
underworld and met the souls of people who had committed
crimes. It is as if one day they believed in continuation
of life after death, and next day don't take it into con-

AMULETS--See Freuchen "Book of Eskimos" P 208, Revel-
ations, same book, p 210.

More Freuchen--"Tales and fables have been handed down
through generations, and as for the Eskimos, there is no
doubt in their minds about their veracity . . .their reason-
ing is simple: 'It is said to bo so, therefore it is so'".

entered the body of a bear. Page 240, Frechen's Book of
Eskimos. (He gives numerous legends, but they are too
long to copy out).

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