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Ada Blackjack


Since writing this I've been in touch by phone
several times with Fred Foote.

Fred is liable to be fairly accurate in memories
of the past. He tells me that Frances made a trip to
Nome in the summer of 1923, the year of Noice's relief
expedition. According to Fred's recollection, she met
Noice on his return trip from Wrangel Island. at Nome.

He tells me further, that it was in the fall of
1923 (not 1922) when the wedding to Noice came off in
N. Y. C. Stefansson, he is sure, was not present on
this occasion.

It could just be that Frances on meeting Noice,
helped him decipher the Blackjack Diary while both were
in Nome and before trouble developed between them some
time after their marriage.

In this case there could be a slight chance that
the copy herewith---Frances mentions having made the first
deciphering in a letter to Stefansson---might be unique.
I very much doubt, however, that a smart apple like
Stefansson would not demand the document for his archives.

I am fairly sure now that Noice gave me the Black-
jack Diary copy just before Frances' and his departure for

---J. A.

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