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Blackjack -12-

The rescue ship was the "Donaldson"---Captain Bernard.
Noice told me that steering through ice floes and "leads" is a
slow and tedious task. Often had to cover more mileage than in sailing
the open sea on account of ice dodging and making your way through
crooked leads. The so-called "ships" are little more than a
large schooner with auxiliary engines. They are the ships used
in the 1920s by the fur traders and Arctic explorers. They were
few and not easily available.

All of this occurred in approximately 1922 to 1925.
Walt Smith was mildly interested in the matter in 1962, the
year Stefansson died. Told me he had phoned the Explorer's
Club at that time and was informed there they had lost track
of Noice. Noice would be 69 years old at present.

John Allison

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