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Blackjack -8-

Herewith are many letters between Frances and Stefansson.
It's hard to believe that the latter could have taken all of her
rather wild statements seriously. Frances would, I think, liked
to have had me to vouch for her veracity and judgment in con-
nection with her claims. On two occasions she arranged a meeting
for luncheon with me, Stefansson and herself. I knew she wished
to get me on "her side” in this imbroglio, but I managed to keep
neutral. Being a mild sort of young man, I had no desire to
become involved, and I avoided further meetings----except for
one (just remembered it)---a meeting with Frances and Carl lomen,
who was in the reindeer business in Nome. Stefansson may have
been on hand at this also, but I can't be sure. I sensed a kind
of conspiracy between Frances and Stefansson to ruin Noice's
career. Stefansson was at this time 45 years old, and was of such
stature in the exploring field so as to easily discredit any rival
as young as Noice. I may add here that in my opinion Noice seemed
a decent, honest fellow.


I simply cannot remember at which stage in all this ferment
Noice made over to me the copy of the Blackjack diary herewith.
It may have been just before my sister's and his departure for
South America, or again, I seem to recollect that he showed up
once (perhaps at my studio in Englewood) after the separation
in Brazil. I kept no page-a-day diary then, and memories of over 40
years ago can be treacherous.

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