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Actually, Stefansson had jumped the gun on this whole
deal assuming that the British government would finance
the venture— they didn’t in spite of all his cajoling. He
had prbably spent all his resources on the initial trip and
was financially broke following this.

I suppose it should be mentioned that these were the
days before the appearance of sophisticated arctic equipment.
The "snocat”, snow and ice tractor with heated cabin, were
unknown; also the helicopter, plane and the massive ice-
breaking ships of today. White explorers survided the rigors
of the arctic best through imitation of Eskimo methods of
living and travel.

Polar bear and walrus, easiest for the hunter to secure.
Seals more difficult—hard to approach. Usual method is to
"play seal", that is, wriggle along on the ice on ones belly
so that the seal mistakes you for one of his kind. If lucky,
you get near enough for a shot. If hard pressed for food,
one must rely on various northern birds and their eggs, also
foxes. Northern white fox better eating than the southern
varieties. Thera were no caribou nor ovibo, (musk ox) on
Wrangel Island.

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