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of her superstitions, although we are told that she had them, but
they must have been very similar to those which the Commentary details
because those are authentic folklore common to Eskimos from Alaska to
Greenland. And again, no explanation is hinted for Ada's extraordinary
behaviour the first days on the island, when she feared being murdered
and fled from the men. But given what is known about her personality,
plus what is known about the impact of the menstrual period upon some
women, the Commentary's interpretation may well bo the true explanation
of those unhappy days.

Throughout, the Commentary's surmises and imaginative forays
will be of this nature, its standard absolute adherence to the same
simplicity and truth that characterizes the Diary itself.

The significance of this manuscript will be not alone its moving
story of survival, but the fact that through survival can come that
discovery and conquest of Self which, when all is said and done, is
what life anywhere is all about.

* * * *


"The Adventure of Wrangel Island"
"Adventures in the Arctic"
"Book of the Eskimos"
"A Guide to Alaska"
"Travels in Alaska"
"Here is Alaska"

Vilhjalmur Stefansson
Peter Freuchen
Gontran de Poncins
Peter Freuchen
Merle Colby
John Muir
Evelyn Stefansson

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