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, In Supply on Department of Marine and Fisheries

Item: Patrol of Northern waters of Canada, $15,000.

Mr. Bancroft: Will the Minister explain this item?

Mr. Lapointe: It is to provide for the publication of reports of
the Canadian Arctic Expedition. . . .

Mr. Hanson: I am not interested in the names of all the vol-
umes, but I would like the Minister to tell us who owns Wrangel

Mr. Lapointe: I should like to know myself.

, In Supply on Department of the Interior

Mr. Shaw: Does the Wrangel Island vote come under any of
these items?

Mr. Stewart: No.

Mr. Shaw: Where can I find it?

Mr. Stewart: There is no vote for Wrangel Island.

Mr. Shaw: Do we own it or not?

Mr. Stewart: I do not think we own it.

Mr. McMaster: Hear, Hear.

Mr. Shaw: I am glad to hear it.

Mr. Stewart: Mr. Stefansson is very much interested in Wrangel
Island and he is bringing the matter to the attention of the British

Sir Henry Drayton: I thought we were told last year we owned
it. Has there been any change in government policy with regard
to Wrangel Island? Is this not a case of what we have we hold?

(No answer; incident closed.)

, Debate on the “Address.”

Mr. A. E. Ross-Kingston: A short time ago, with a great deal of
eclat, the Government announced that the flag had been hoisted
on Wrangel Island and that it would stay there. Where is it
to-day, and by whose order?”

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